Move Past Plastic, MPP
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Lending a helping hand.

I've been working on a significant project, Creek Defenders, and I believe your insights could be valuable. We are seeking pollution data to be shared publicly to raise awareness and activism around water quality issues relating to plastic and other types of industrial pollution. We are gathering datasets (scientific, citizen science, and others) to combine into the Creek Defenders Map. Also, we have a form for submitting pollution Creek Defenders Participation Form Can you share your air, FLIR OGI videos, Geiger data, and any other data you have if PSR has to be put on our map with geo-located information (latitude/longitude of sampling sites) and any other variables? Our data analyst, Marissa Kulkarni, can use Excel/CSV or a GIS format. If you and PSR would like to learn more about the Identification of Pollutants in the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed: A Recommendation for Protection project and participate in making a model for other future watersheds to use, please complete this form Creek Defenders Participation Form. An article on the project: Carlisle Organization Streamline Watershed Streamlines Conservation Initiatives Citizen Science Pollution report form Nurdle Patrol - 2024.html o Our Objective A nurdle is a plastic pellet which serves as raw material in the manufacturing of plastic products. Nurdles are washing up on our beaches, riverbanks, and lake shorelines by the millions. Help us find and map the source by conducting your own nurdle survey. Just let us know how many pellets you found and where. Invasives I See Change in?redirect=%2Fposts%2Fcreate%3Futm_medium%3Demail%26utm_source%3Dm oengage%26utm_campaign%3Dus-heat-june182024 Independent Pollution Maps Native Organizers Alliance (NOA) We support the Sustainable Development Goals